Konpira Maru Gymkata 2020

'What do you get when you have a cool-climate shiraz that is only 10.3% alcohol but still fruitier than a GOP convention? A LEAN MEAN LIBATION MACHINE!! That's right... a lean mean libation machine. Every generation has their holy grail. In the 1920s it was life without tape worm, in the 40s it was 'peace in our time', but surely the holy grail of the 2010s was a low alcohol fruit-packed shiraz? Am I wrong? The answer to that is no, and the answer to your prayers is Gymkata 2020. This will go very very quickly as cropping was VERY LOW so jump at while you can.

The wine is de-stemmed and soaked for a week at 6C. This is critical for the tannin and colour extraction that makes this such a succulent customer. It also gets a partial carbonic ferment at the base of the tank, which carries through into the wine as the strawberries and cream note that is characteristic of the wine year on year. It then wild ferments in the low 20s and then macerates post-ferment for a week. It slowly went through Malo over winter, finishing in spring. Extraordinarily low alcohol but still beautifully balanced. The 2017 was a slight little number too (10.9%) but never managed the tannin/fruit balance that this has achieved. 10.3%. 1612 bottles.

Site: Quarry Ridge Vineyard, Kilmore, Victoria  

Tasting notes: Strawberry and melaleuca spice aromatics with a palate of cherry and plum-cured sturgeon.'

- Konpira Maru 

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