Konpira Maru I Dream The Tangerine 2021


The drought broke this year, but this doesn't mean it was smooth sailing for QLD growers. Unfortunately Coxy lost his entire Sangiovese crop to frost early in the season, another example of the brutal game we play, year in, year out. Was this the end of our much loved Sangio Rose……………….

We think not! We managed to source some fantastic fruit from our mates at Clovely Estate in the South Burnett to keep the Tangerine Dream alive. It looked prime on the vine and we decided to pick a little earlier than most to retain the bright acidity it was showing to keep somewhat inline with what we would usually produce from Coxys vineyard on the Granite Belt.

Production: 90% Sangiovese from Clovelly Estate, South Burnett, QLD and 10% Verdelho from Monticello Estate, Granite Belt, QLD. The Sangiovese came in and was pressed long and slow immediately and then chilled down in tank. Settled, racked and then left to warm and naturally ferment. Ferments rocketed through this year so we chilled this to keep it below 20 degrees with a few good splashes. After initial ferment we loved this wines freshness but thought it could do with some added texture so added 10% of our La Douche Tropicale Verdelho. This skinsy addition proved the missing ingredient, immediately providing mid palate weight and texture. The newly blended wine was settled and racked and then left to undergo MLF. Lots of lees work through the first 2 months and once MLF was completed a small sulphur addition was made. Final settle and rack. Bottled unfined, unfiltered.

Tasting notes: Quite different to previous releases with a little less watermelon primary fruit and a little more crab-apple subtlety. Very clean and fresh aromatically with alpine herbs and really pure red fruit. The power really comes through on the palate with great fruit concentration, chalky tannin and superb acid providing real depth and drive.'

- Konpira Maru 

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