Pinhook 6 year straight rye whiskey, vertical series ‘Tiz Rye Time’ (54%)

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6 year old straight rye whiskey, 108 Proof, 54% ABV

'With an additional year of age, this 6-year-old rye brims with aromas of juniper, dried apricot, cardamom, and ginger cookie dough. These transition to a rich palate of eucalyptus, chocolate, clove, and toasted pecans.

The Vertical Series is a unique opportunity to follow a group of 450 MGP rye barrels, as they age from four to twelve years, and experience the arc of flavors throughout the nine-year journey. Beginning with this inaugural vintage, Pinhook will blend a new batch of approximately 50 rye barrels each spring and set a proof to maximize the balance and complexity of the whiskey at that age.'

- Pinhook 

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