Jean-Pierre Robinot Bistrologie 2021

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'The Bistrologie is a beautifully crafted, classic expression of the Loire Valley’s favourite grape variety, namely Chenin Blanc.

The grapes are harvested from very healthy 45 year old vines that have benefitted from not having been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides that degrade the soil (which is red clay studded with limestone and flint rocks). The vineyards are also managed using biodynamic principles that ensure that the soil is healthy along with the creatures and fungi that thrive in these soils.

The grapes are hand-harvested and then pressed and the juice put straight into old (sometimes very, very old) wooden barrels to ferment. The wine is kept on lees for at least one year, sometimes more. It has power and finesse simultaneously – something that is not easy for a winemaker to do.

The time it has spent in old wooden barrels has softened it and given it a pleasing roundness. The finish on this wine is incredibly long. The alcohol level for the 2021 is a pleasant 12%.'

- Living Wines

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