Jean-Pierre Robinot Lumière de Silex 2021

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'Lumière de Silex is a négoce wine (one made using purchased grapes) hence the different name (l’Opera des Vins). Wines made with their own grapes are labelled Les Vignes de l’Ange Vin by the Robinot family.

The signature time-lapsed photography on the label is as vibrant and energetic as the wine!

The Chenin Blanc grapes were purchased from organic grower Damien Bureau from the Anjou region where Chenin thrives in the shale soils.

We were fascinated when we first tried this wine because it still has all the characteristics of a Robinot wine. This is a wonderful example of Chenin Blanc that lasts for ages in the mouth and exhibits all the minerality and energy that we expect from a wine that has been made from grapes that have not been subjected to systemic sprays.'

- Living Wines

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