Konpira Maru Disco Pocket Riesling Vermentino 2019

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'This wine was inspired by the man of the people Ben “Bantsy” Loughman. He’s a very very handsome man with impeccable music tastes and harder buns than a gluten-free bakery. This wine is a zesty combo of Whitlands Riesling and Alpine Valley Vermentino. We actually made a Vermentino in our second year – I loved it and Sam hated it. As I later discovered, this also reflected our different opinion on a range of things, including smiling.

Site: Dalbosco Brothers, Porepunkah, and Croucher Vineyard, Whitlands

Production: 80% Riesling and 20% Vermentino. Riesling was pressed  with pressings separated and diverted for this wine. Fermented at 18C with Vermentino ferment (75% through ferment) that had been partially carbonically macerated for 5 days.  A touch of sulphur added at bottling, unfixed and unfiltered. 13.1% 1456 bottles.

Tasting notes: Hubba Bubba nose with a summer citrus pallet of lemon and passionfruit. Broad acid and a fine line of tannin.'

- Konpira Maru 

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