Konpira Maru La Douche Tropicale 2021


'The tropical shower is back! 

We still reminisce about this wines conception. Back in the days when Sam smiled and Alastair was witty, working with Verdelho for the first time in its adopted home in QLD in a XXXX haze. Tasting through bucket loads of local examples and then thinking, yeah, fuck that, let's do the opposite. 

Many would say stupid, something we were all to use to(fair enough really), but for us it just made sense. Such a beautifully aromatic variety with high acid and more than enough tropical punch to deal with some oxidative handling. 

This year is definitely one for the acid lovers, sharp, tangy and of course tropicale!

Production: 100% Verdelho from Monticello Estate, The Summit, Stanthorpe, QLD.. Acid levels were off the charts this year, something to do with the previous years of intense vine stress. Not an issue for acid lovers like us. Run through the destemmer with little to no crushing and then left to chill in the cold room. Pump overs for a week while it chilled and then brought out into the fresh air for natural ferment. Left on skins for a further 2 weeks with twice daily plunging. Pressed hard and slow after this 3 week period on skins just as the ferment had finished to ensure some natural CO2 protection at the press. Transferred to tank to undergo MLF to soften the acidity and provide some more texture. Racked 3 times given the intense haze which just wouldn't drop out. Bottled unfined and unfiltered with a touch of sulphur.'

- Konpira Maru 

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