Little Reddie Colbinabbin Nebbiolo & Refosco 2020

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'A blend of Nebbiolo and Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso from Willoughby Bridge and Chalmers vineyards respectively. These sites sit either side of Heathcote-Rochester Rd just north of the town of Colbinabbin. This ridge is home to extremely old, iron-rich and very, very red soils (the attraction of the region from a grape growing point of view). As you move down the hill onto the plains, the soils become more and more loamy black, and the agriculture changes to grain farming and running of cattle and sheep. Willoughby Bridge vineyard is planted in north/south rows and sits down towards the plains whereas Chalmers’ vines are planted east/west (less sun exposure) higher up on the hill on those intense red soils. The Nebbiolo bottom block was planted in 1998, then top blocks A and C grafted in 2015 over vines planted in 1999. Chalmers Refosco was planted in 2015.
Pressings from early Nebbiolo rosé picks (full of phenolics and flavour) were fermented in barrique while de-stemmed Nebbiolo and Refosco were fermented individually in stainless. Each pick brings different elements to the assemblage, to make a delicious and balanced wine of place. Blended late May to stainless and racked a couple of times before bottling, with less than 40 ppm total sulphur.
The 2020 wines are honestly looking awesome. There’s good, but not massive concentration, so they are more nimble frames with complex flavour and texture, and already showing length. This particular wine benefits from the beautiful freshness of the vintage (with near perfect flavour ripeness) and, the method of blending early and late picks has allowed a phenolically ripe and satisfying wine to land spot on at 13.5% alcohol with beautiful acidity and balance of flavours. I think it's the most delicious and highest quality release of this wine yet.'

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