Ravensworth Estate Shiraz Viognier 2017

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Aged for an extra year in barrel, this is easily the best value Shiraz Viognier in the country, made by the same bloke who helps make the Shiraz Viognier from Clonakilla (Arguably the best Shiraz Viognier in Australia). Made just as well, at a much nice price on the wallet than the Clonakilla...really is a no-brainer. 


'Winemaker Bryan Martin knows a thing or two about making shiraz and viognier marry well. A reliable source of high-quality Canberra District’s halo wine style. All that experience at Clonakilla ain’t for nuttin’.

This is a beauty, but then again, the recent history of this wine speaks for itself. It’s a highly perfumed release, indeed, a striking feature is just how much scent comes off a glass, all pretty, floral, rosehip tea and red cherry, that blueberry thing Canberra does, fennel and brambles in the mix. The palate is satiny, long, sleek, slightly puckering as it luxuriates in its lingering sweet-spicy finish. It’s one for those who like understated yet elegant shiraz expressions, and something to approach in youth too. Beautiful.'

- 95 points, Mike Bennie, The Winefront


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