Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Single Barrel Select - Joe.C


Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - single barrel select from Joe.C from Everson Royce.

ABV 46%

'Nose: Christmas pudding rum soaked cherries, peanut butter, sugar glazed violet flowers (from a wedding cake), Sandalwood shavings, Cinnamon bark.

Palate: Dulce de leche which tends towards slightly bitter burnt caramel and dark cocoa powder licked from a finger from an overzealous hot chocolate preparation spill.  A creamy heavy milk note builds as the darker flavours wane with time on the palate.  Finish is sweet but tempered with a definite spice edge of white pepper and oak.  Barley Sugar Lollies!

Body: Richer and juicier in body than the Eagle Rare, but not by a huge margin.

Length: Similar in length to the Eagle rare but with more presence from the earthy spice that was promised in the nose and the lingering sweetness of a pressed, sugar glazed violet dissolving ever so slowly on the back of the tongue

Burn: Again, super approachable, a slight prickle of ethanol, quickly ducking behind the rest of the palate, remaining as a comforting, lingering warmth in the mouth.

Complexity: Quite a bit going on here.  With the bitterness of the dark cocoa powder, the caramel, the earthiness, and the sweetness all sharing the bottle, there is some serious fun to be had exploring this one.

Expressiveness: The ABV seems pretty much perfectly in tune with the variety and depth of flavours present and does a good job of getting the message across without making the proceedings feel ‘dumbed down’ or overly boozy.

Texture: No discernible oil or wax (which is not necessarily a bad thing) but a decent ‘weight’ from the ABV and the

Balance: Annoyingly well integrated.  Quite the feat considering the breadth of elements in this whiskey.  The sum is truly greater than the parts.

Nose enjoyment: One of the most unique and interesting noses I've had from the US - and it's great (which is pretty important too I guess).

Palate enjoyment: A real thinker’s dram which is not something I would typically envision when drinking an American whiskey. 

Overall enjoyment:  Appeal here should be pretty much universal - nothing to make anyone mad - unless you flat out hate American whiskey, in which case, get over yourself! :)  This will be finding a home in the cabinet.'

- Heath Lawerence

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