Domaine Bornard Chardonnay Les Gaudrettes "Second Tirage" 2018

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 'Chardonnay from Les Gaudrettes is always a stand-out at our tastings at the Bornard cellar and 2018 is no exception. We will be receiving three releases ‘tirages’ of this vintage, each with a slightly different aging regime. This first release was aged entirely in a tank, which is a first for this wine. In the past, it has always only been aged in wood (as the remaining two releases will be). It is a fresh-tasting Chardonnay but still has complexity and a beautiful mouthfeel. It exhibits the same characteristics as his other wines on the finish – long and lingering. and it’s only 11.5% ABV.

The different varieties of marl that are found in the Les Gaudrettes vineyard provide a complex minerality to wines made from grapes grown in this location.'

- Living Wines

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