Konpira Maru Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Mourvedre 2021

'Should have called this wine "The Big Dipper" or "The Lightning Rod" as its journey had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. It made it through the drought, it managed to avoid the frost which took out the Sangiovese, It remained clean without any mildew through the growing season which was a massive issue in the region, no botrytis with warm weather and scattered showers, yields were low, but things were looking good and we were on edge, never mind Coxy!

As the weather started to freshen up and clouds began to gather we patiently waited. That was until the weather charts showed an expected 220ml of rain in 48 hours in two days time. So the day before, we ripped it off quick smart before the heavens opened giving it every opportunity to ripen that little bit more. 

Its always a super fresh lean style of Mourvedre, which is one of the main reasons we love it. This year though we had higher natural acidity and lower sugars which has combined to make this the freshest brightest Epicus to date. 25% whole bunch and the remaining 75% de-stemmed with no crushing. Cold soaked for 5 days before naturally fermenting. Pressed after only 10 days of maceration. Racked twice, all in stainless steel and bottled un-fined and unfiltered with a touch of sulphur. 

This thing is so bright with beautiful purples highlighting its appearance. Dark broody fruit but in this really alive and exciting form. Think juicy dark fleshed plums mixed with pickled cherries. Nice crunchy herbal elements and some exotic asian spice. Definitely chillable, definitely delicious, only 10.9% alc and only 900 bottles filled.'

- Konpira Maru 

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