Michel Gahier Arbois Chardonnay Les Crêts 2019

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'The grapes for this wine are also manually harvested and matured in old wood so that the wine can ‘breath’ but so that no new oak flavour dominates the wine.

There is the trademark oxidative quality to this wine which provides a nutty spiciness and umami flavour that makes you want to sip more and more of it. This is Jura Chardonnay at its best!

There are honey and pear and almond flavours in abundance and a long, lingering minerality that reflects the amazing terroir of the area around Michel’s village.

We drank this wine over three days and it held up beautifully right to the end. This is common with wines that have some oxidative qualities. A little sulphite was added to this wine when it was bottled.

This wine has a lovely mouth feel. Only 13% alcohol.'

- Living Wines

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