Sorrenberg Gamay 2019


'A year with a splash more pinot noir in it, and a lighter shade of the cult wine we’ve grown to know and love. Biodynamic farming of course is the baseline. I bought the bottle, tasted it, then drank the lot with a group of friends who oohed and ahhed over it. Declared ‘best wine of night’. Went with roast chook and trimmings. Does a lot.

Another stellar release of this stalwart set to a lighter, just shy of medium bodied weight, coursing with cool acidity and ribbons of feathery, pumice-like tannins. It’s grippy and yet bright, lavished with black, palate staining cherry juice and earthy spice, a fennel lift, something dried herby and a touch of malty wood. Add the lot up and you have this ultra-satisfying, complex, svelte and succulent mass of brilliant red wine. How good. So good.'

- 95 points Mike Bennie, The Wine Front

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