Nomads Garden Skin Contact White Field Blend 2021

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Vineyard Acacia Park, King Valley Grower Pat Mutagh

Handmade Pinot Blanc, Savagnin, Pinot Gris Field Blend - 91 Days on Skins - Unfiltered - Unfined - Natural Ferment Absolutely No Additions in the Winery No Sulphur added in the Winery Basket Pressed

'The second release of our Skin Contact White Field Blend, a new vineyard and new varieties this year. The initial 2019 release was made from fruit from the Battely Vineyard in Beechworth unfortunately it is only a very small planting and given the popularity of the initial release we decided to look for another vineyard with larger plantings of compatible varieties. After much deliberation we decided that the Acacia Park was the most exciting prospect with plantings of Pinot Blanc, Savagnin and Pinot Gris. These varieties all reach ripeness at a similar time so work well as ours is a true field blend, picked on the same day and fermented together. Pinot Blanc (50%) brings the clean aromatics, Savagnin (40%) the acidity and mid palate weight while the Pinot Gris (10%) brings its overt aromatics and a slightly pink hue to the wine when in glass and exposed to oxygen.

The grapes were crushed and destemmed and sent to 2 stainless steel open fermenters with an equal proportional blend in each. They were covered with a protective layer of CO2 until wild fermentation commenced after about 4 days. The ferments were kept cool and pumped over twice daily. Once the fermentation was complete the tank was locked down and the wine remained unsulphured on skins for some 91 days. The juice was pumped away from the skins which were lightly basket pressed. No SO2 additions were made this year in the winery. This release has a noticeably more orange appearance than the 2019 release as it picked slightly riper, pressings were included, and no Sulphur was added in the winery. This is as natural as it gets!

Lightly Filtered, Hand Bottled on Site, Vegan Friendly. Bottled June, 2021.'

- Nomads Garden 

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