Vanguardist, La Petite Vanguard - Verdejo Petillant Naturel 2020

'We’ve always thought of the La Petite Vanguard as being our example of a Bistro style wine – the experimental sibling to Vanguardist. Youthful & vibrant, with great drinkability, enhanced by layers of complexity from thoughtful use of solids, skin contact, oak and other vessels. 

Our first attempt at making wine from Verdejo, it made perfect sense to have a crack at pet-nat. It’s been a variety used extensively in the Rueda region in Spain to make oxidative, sherry styles of wine. I really wanted to capture some of that character in the wine. Handled super oxidatively from the get-go, and with a touch of skin-contact, we’ve really embraced the funky apple cider/fino sherry character this wine brings. Enjoyed super chilled on a summer’s day, it’ll be the perfect aperitif.'

- Vanguardist 

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