Equipo Navazos Pedro Ximenez Casa del Inca 2015

Navazos disciples will be well familiar with this wine, inspired by the time when Pedro Ximénez was often a vintage wine and released without extended aging, and therefore without the resulting rancio characters that such maturation brings.

This comes from the stocks of Pérez Barquero in the D.O. Montilla-Moriles and is derived from late-harvested and dried PX grapes from one of Montilla's best single vineyards. Fortification is carried out only with top-quality, wine-based spirits. After 18 months resting in traditional, large, cone-shaped amphorae (of the type used in Montilla-Moriles for centuries, locally called tinajas or conos), the wine is released as an ultra-pure, viscous, incredibly intense and naturally sweet dessert wine.

For those new to this wine, this isn't your opaque, black, rancio style of PX. Instead, you can expect a bright and perfumed, amber/brown coloured wine of wonderful vibrancy, fruitiness and freshness, with dried raisin, leatherwood honey, cold tea, nutmeg, molasses and fresh resin notes. Of course, it is very sweet (420 grams per litre of natural sugar if you don't mind!) yet it's balanced by just the right amount of acidity. The wine can be consumed in the same way as an aged PX; served with coffee, tea or with chocolate desserts. Like Navazos' solera PX, it will keep for eons in the fridge.

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