Domaine d'Aurensan Armagnac Assemblage 15y, 700ml 42.9°

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42.9% ABV 

Tasting notes: A light and fresh Armagnac which evolves into roasted and cocoa notes. A remarkable length in the mouth for a pure and very elegant finish.

'Nowadays the making of Armagnac brandy is no longer restricted to men. In Occitania, among many passionate winemakers, Caroline and Sophie Rozs apply their sensitivity to a craft handed down over generations. There is a world of difference between perfumes and spirits. Yet it’s these two areas which Caroline Rozs decided to explore after having worked for a decade in the perfume business in Paris.

Produced on an organically farmed family estate in the Tnarze region, an area known for its structured and intense spirits, they produce 'triple zero Armagnacs' - meaning that no sugar, colouring or water has been added. They also use six lost grape varieties (Meslier St Franois, Plant de Graisse, Mauzac blanc, Mauzac ros, Clairette de Gascogne and Juranon Blanc) of the armagnac AOC for their cuvee Carre des Fantomes.

All the barrels are not topped up. The attention to detail does not stop here. The barrels used are from the estate's local forests making these a true expression of the Gascony terroir. Biodynamic viticulture, they trying to achieve the purest spirit possible, the fermentation is done with natural yeast, no sulphur is used, and the brandies are aged in local Gascon wood casks that are 420 litres in volume.'

- Brix Fine Wines

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