Domaine Mosse Vermouth Agrumes and Seichuan

'This delicious Vermouth has been crafted by the Mosse family from a base of Chenin Blanc which was macerated with citrus fruits and spices including Sichuan pepper for 6 months.

The wine was then reinforced with grape spirits to create this lively, flavoursome Vermouth which is not overly sweet. The alcohol is 17%.

You could make an Americano by adding equal parts Campari and Vermouth then topping the glass with a good soda water. The combination of the bitterness from the herbs in the Campari with the citrus and spice in the Vermouth is very refreshing.

Or you could make a Spritz by adding 50 mls of Vermouth and then topping the glass with the wonderful pet nat Moussamoussettes. Delicious!'

- Living Wines 

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