Craft Works Distillery, 'Rage' Single Malt Whisky


A brand new independent bottling release from Craft Works Distillery and it's a lot of "firsts":

  • First... the most aromatic whisky I have crafted to date. 
  • First... a French Oak Pinot Noir cask.
  • First... new make spirit from a NSW distillery that hasn’t released yet and when they do, watch out, it's amazing.
  • First... 100% Voyager Craft Malt NSW malted barley mash bill.

RAGE! It's a beautiful, bold yet refined young whisky that is beyond its years in flavour.

Limited release single cask only 220 bottles so buy one, buy two, but just don’t miss out as its also the last IB release for 2019 and a solid finish to the year.

RAGE! against .... whatever floats your boat my friends 😊

Cask size: 100 Ltr
Toast/ Char Level: Heavy char
Cooperage: Tasmanian Cask Company
Spirit: Sydney Distillery
Release: RAGE!
Notes: Pinot cask - part of a set of 3 casks filled at the same time. It's a big, full flavoured whisky.
Casked: May 2017
Bottled: November 2019
Bottling: 500mL (220 only)

ABV 59.8%

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