Roborel De Climens, Finish Rolle du Château Sainte Marguerite, Cru Classé des Côtes de Provence 40° - French Whiskey


French Whiskey finished in a Rosé (Grenache & Mourvèdre)  barrel from Provence. 40% ABV

Maturation Finish how it works?

Maturation :
at the exit of the still, the malt brandy must undergo a structuring phase to gain body and volume. it is the role of the new barrels which, by releasing tannins, will constitute the bases of the future whiskey. this phase lasts between 3 and 4 years.

Finishes :
this is the technique of using barrels that have already contained wine or other brandy to bring an aromatic complexity and a unique identity. this phase lasts between 6 and 18 months.

Why Grape varieties finishes?

France has an impressive wealth of terroirs expressed through a multitude of grape varieties. it is this wealth of taste and flavours that i wanted to transcribe in my whiskeys. it is also because behind these barrels there are men, partners, who each in their own way participate in this project.

'New artisanal single malt whiskies created by Aymeric Roborel de Climens, an ex-oenologist and winemaker that worked for more than 20 years for different producers in Bordeaux. These whiskies are 100% French from the beginning to the end, using their old family distillery and all the resources sourced from within the country. With his experience in the wine industry, Aymeric selects the best barrels from each winery for the aging, from six to 18 months and creates a strong identity, profile and aroma for each release. He has been using mainly Cognac, Merlot and Sauternes barrels but recently has created a whisky aged in Banyuls barrel (similar to a sherry cask) and has partnered with a Muscadet producer to use their amphoras, creating something really special and rare.'

- Brix Fine Wines 

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