Konpira Maru Disco Pocket Riesling Vermentino 2020

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'This wine was inspired by the man of the people Ben "Bantsy" Loughman. He's a very very handsome man with impeccable music tastes and harder buns than a gluten-free bakery. Talking of handsome, in 2020 this wine is a sort of origin story for Konpira Maru's own Sam Cook. We have combined the Riesling from the Aradale Vineyard in Ararat (the vineyard where Sam made his first commercial wine) and Vermentino from the Chalmers Family's Merbein Vineyard, the site where we made our first Konpira wine. 

Sites: Aradale Vineyard, Ararat (Grampian Region), managed by Andrew Davey, and the Chalmers' Nursery Vineyard, Merbein.

Production: 80% Riesling and 20% Vermentino. Both the Vermentino and Riesling spent 12 hours in the press then pressed to tank (in different parts of Victoria). Then blended together and fermented together. A touch of sulphur added at bottling, unfixed and unfiltered. 13.1% 3121 bottles.

Tasting notes: Once again a Hubba Bubba nose with a summer citrus pallet of lemon and passionfruit more lemon tart than the 2019. '

- Konpira Maru Wines 

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