Poachers Ridge Riesling 2007


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We take a minimalist approach for the Riesling where quality grapes let the wine make itself. The wine is all about fruit and vineyard expression.

Grapes are harvested between 11.5 and 12 0Be and 9-10g/L of acid. Harvesting is done at night to keep the fruit cold and maintain quality and fruit characters. Only free run juice and light pressings are used. Juice is kept cold and allowed to se le naturally, there is no ltration of the juice. The juice is racked o solids once it is bright and clear, allowed to warm to ambient temperature then innoculated with a selected yeast strain. Ferment is maintained at 13-15 0C and completes slowly over three weeks. This allows for maximum fruit character
to be retained. A er ferment the wine is stabilized and minimal ning is used,(isinglass) ltration is also kept to a minimum and bo ling carried out as soon as possible.

Straw coloured, bo le development characters of toast and honey dominate the nose. The front palate exhibits fresh citrus and lime notes. The nish is very lively and fresh with the natural acidity keeping the structure and nish intact.

– Poachers Ridge Website

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