Alice and Olivier de Moor Bourgogne Aligoté 2019

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'The 2019 was a quite a good year except the weather was fickle and it rained a lot and there were frequent hailstorms. But apart from that everything was fine!

Aligoté is the second white grape of Burgundy and wine made from this grape is popular locally but not seen much outside of France. In the right hands it can be a wonderful wine and this one certainly is.

Weve long been fans of this grape and this wine has been receiving accolades on both sides of the Atlantic.

The de Moor Bourgogne Aligoté is grown in Chitry which is quite close to their winery in Courgis. In 2019, they picked the grapes and then direct pressed them and transferred the juice to 50% old oak barrels and the rest to tanks made of fibreglass which are very popular in France. The juice fermented on natural yeasts and then matured in these vessels for about twelve months.

If you haven’t tried Aligoté before then this is a must. It is a delicious, clean wine with good acidity and great minerality.'

- Living Wines

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