Autour De L’Anne - 'Bob' Dit L’Âne 2014 - Vin de France


An interesting blend of Gamay (Loire Valley)  & Grenache (Languedoc). It is actually very reflective of the unique characteristics of each variety. Sour cherry, violets, earthy, peony flowers, spices, plums, blood orange and a slight notes of leather. Medium body, good acidity, very juicy and easy to drink. Super fun wine that sits between a Beaujolais and a Grenache nouveau. 

'Autour de l’Anne is the southern project of Anne Paillet (the other half of Chahut & prodiges in the Loire Valley). Anne is good friends with one of the top biodynamic farmers on the Pic Saint-Loup in the Languedoc, Christophe beau. Longer in the tooth than Anne, Christophe is slowly pairing back his wine production, so Anne was more than happy to take such meticulous biodynamic fruit from a very experienced grower.

Anne assists with the end of the growing season, then harvests the grapes and guides the fermentations, before trucking the wine back up to the Loire in bulk containers for ageing Touraine style. the fermentations favour lots of whole bunch, giving really juicy and generous wines, and no barrel ageing, with zero oenological entrants and no SO2 at any stage.'

- Virtuous Vine 

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