Bret Brothers Mâcon-Villages Terroirs du Mâconnais 2017


This is an assemblage from a number of the Bret Brothers’ crus, mainly based on Mâcon-Fuissé and Chaintré but also blue chip parcels from Viré-Clessé La Verchère, Saint-Véran En Combe and Pouilly-Fuissé En Carementrant. It also includes some small dollops of the La Soufrandière wines. So, some first-rate, limestone-rich vineyards that are blended to create what is a top value summation of the vintage. Raised in tank and used barrels, the 2017 is the finest example we have shipped. With the emphasis on the vintage’s juicy citrus fruit, with some crystalline pear richness, and a chalky, lip-smacking finish, there’s so much joy and value to be found here.

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