Bruno Duchene, Odin 2018


The Odin is a red blend of Carignan, Syrah & Tempranillo.

Bruno is originally from the Loire Valley. Before starting his career as a winemaker, he was a wild mushroom distributor in the Loire Valley and Burgundy, which is when he became interested in wine; meticulously made, natural, non-interventionist wines in particular. He now resides in the town of Banyuls, where he produces wines from some of Frances hardest-to-work vineyards.

He owns 4 hectares spread over 4 parcels, all on schist but with enough exposition and micro-climate variations to keep it interesting. Banyuls and Collioures vineyards are notorious for being extremely low-yielding, and very difficult to work mechanically, which means an ever-increasing number of people have abandoned some of these legendary sites.

Bruno works his vines organically, and, because of the regions ideal climate, he averages only three sulfur treatments a year (which is an extremely low number). Because odium is not an issue here, he never uses copper. The wines ferment spontaneously in tank; then are racked to barrel for aging. Sulfur is only added at bottling, if at all.

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