Cannabis Co. High Sea Navy Strength Hemp Gin


High Sea Navy Strength Hemp Gin 58% 700ml


Combining 13 exotic botanicals with β-caryophyllene (one of the most beneficial terpenes in cannabis) has enabled us to distill an exceptionally easy-drinking spirit. 116 proof alcohol is the perfect vehicle for the plant’s earthy vitality, providing a robust chassis to carry its heavy load of citrus spice. 

On the nose you’ll experience tropical immersion, reminiscent of that point where the beach meets the jungle on a remote coastline of the Coral Sea. Fresh tones of grapefruit blend with ginger, turmeric and cinnamon, beckoning you into the canopy.

On first sip, a heady dose of spice meets strong notes of virus lime, balanced by fragrant rosemary, blossoming into a long dry finish through the complex interaction between earthy lows and floral highs. This Navy Strength gin really allows the hemp to shine. Add a slice of fresh cut lime and a splash of tonic to make this gin sing; you’ll ask yourself, how can a 58% strength fin be so smooth? The answer is simple: hemp provides. 

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