Cape Jaffa Wines 'La Lune' White blend 2017


'Style: Bold and textural, white blend from one site

The inspiration: 11 varieties of all colours, handpicked together from our vineyards and blended in the field to create a wine that required very little handling in the winery. 

This wine puts a modern take on an ancient tradition to plant multiple varieties in the one plot (often not intentionally).  Careful selection of grapes in the vineyard allowed us to obtain an optimal ripeness with great balance and a mix of varietal flavours expressive of the Cape Jaffa vineyard. Separate parcels were fermented in barrel and in a ceramic egg shaped vessel – both components having different texture and nuances that have contributed to the final wine. The wine is then left to age on lees until around Christmas time. Due to the balance found in the vineyard, little or no finings or adjustments are necessary and the wine cold stabilises naturally at cellar temperature. Low sulphur.

Cellaring: This wine is drinking well now however it will evolve into a more tertiary and complex style in the bottle over up to five years.

Food pairing: As a blend this wine is much more forgiving when it comes to food pairing. This is a wine with complexity so it can take complexity in the food too so think fuller, rich and robust flavours like smoked fish, creamy sauces and soft oozy cheese.'

- Cape Jaffa Wines 

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