Castelli Estate, Il Liris Chardonnay 2017


'The Liris represent the style best suited to the cool climate of Denmark. It was the vineyard that drove the direction of this wine, with the level of flavour intensity governing the amount of oak and winemaking influence. With its tight structure and piercing acidity, it can be described as a Chardonnay for “Riesling Freaks”,  however at its heart is the purity of Chardonnay character. With a core of grapefruit /melon aromatics layered with rich, complex integration of gunflint nuances and
fresh brioche. The oak is seamlessly integrated with the powerful fruit derived flavours. It is the palate however that’s the hero, tight focused and showing incredible minerality and complexity — designed to age beautifully over many years.'

- Castelli Estate 

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