Charles Dagand – Carlito Vin de France Presque Blanc 2018

'The Presque Blanc is a new cuvée for Charles. With this one he pressed Pinot Noir grapes directly to create a white wine.

If you read our November 2020 newsletter we have a story about most grapes having clear juice except for a small number of teinturier grapes such as Gamay de Bouze and Alicante Bouschet which have red juice. This means that if you direct press most red grapes and immediately separate the juice from the skins you create a white wine.

Charles did this but the juice was in contact with the skins for a short time so the resultant juice looked like a rosé, so he added a bit of red juice to make it look less like a rosé. This is where the name comes from. The word “presque” in French means “nearly” or “almost” – in other words it is “almost white”!

The result is a delicious, light wine that is very versatile.'

- Living Wines 

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