Col Tamarie Prosecco 2018


Named Prosecco because it is made from mainly Glera, and comes from Veneto the home of Prosecco, but this is actually a Pet Nat as bubbles in the wine are naturally occurring and not added to the wine like how Prosecco is made.

Aromas of toasted bread crust and yellow pears, light spice, fine bubble. A finish of citrus rind and lemon pie. long acid line that is super refreshing and a great starter to a meal or drinks with friends. 

'Harvested at the end of September, no addition of sulfites, no inoculation. Short maceration on skins. Soft pressing and then ancestral method with a minimum of 10 months before sale. Glera dominant blend of Glera, Boschera, Grapariol, Bianchetta, Perera, Verdiso

In the early 2000's while backpacking through the hills of Veneto, Alberto dalle Crode came across an abandoned mixed use farm. The Vigna San Lorenzo farm, now known as Col Tamarie, from the hill that rises in front of the house, stands on the hills behind Vittorio Veneto, 450 m above sea level on free draining morainic soils. 

After purchasing the farm and restoring its land Alberto replanted 4.5 hectares to ancient local varieties that were historically present in the area, Glera (Predominantly) with small amounts of Boschera, Verdisio, Perera, Bianchetta, Raboso bianco, Istrian Malvasia, Pinot Grigio for added complexity and history. 

Alberto has always sought an environmentally sustainable approach to viticulture, so much so that his grapes were in the past purchased by Ernesto Cattel, the historical owner of the Costadilà company for the production of his iconic 450 meters above sea level. Over the years, the idea of ​​being able to make wine with the grapes from his farm was born and finally in 2013 the first vintage was produced. In 2015 Marta de Luca arrived at the company and as a homeopath she experimented with Alberto the possibility of implementing homeopathic viticulture, a further extension on the already implemented organic principles Alberto followed so closely. Since implementing her ideas they believe that the plants strength to fight diseases has been increasing restoring more balance in the vines and giving them an added shield through tough vintages. 

In the cellar they were mentored by Gaspare Buscemi who indoctrinated them to a winemaking philosophy based on a few precise elements. The healthier the grapes the healthier the must, suphur dioxide was never to be used and through the use of gravity and time wines would naturally clarify to an ideal level before bottling. These philosophies have been the cornerstone of the success of Col Tamaire. 

The idea of the winery was to produce a single sparkling wine to best tell the story of the terroir. It truly speaks of the organic hillside viticulture in an area that had been almost abandoned due to the difficulty of the manual work.'

- Lo-Fi Wines

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