Equipo Navazos La Bota de Malt Whisky "Overseas" bota no. 88

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You could say that Equipo Navazos are independent bottlers of Sherry from Jerez, in Spain. They handpick only the finest barrels of sherry from single barrels or soleras, which are then bottled when they’re deemed ready. They are releasing some of the tastiest Sherries in the world but have also recently started creating delicious Whisky. And what better way to make a Sherry Cask Whisky than straight from a Sherry cask in Jerez!

46% alc. Single Oloroso cask. A Scottish Malt aged in Jerez! This is sourced solely from what Navazos refer to as a “prestigious distillery in Scotland” (hence the “overseas”)—we don't know the exact distillery and perhaps never will.  Its age is estimated at around 12 years, of which the past seven—as per the 89 Grain Whisky—have been spent in a single cask from a solera of very old, dry Oloroso Sherry.

It’s a Whisky of remarkable character and complexity. It boasts an enticing peaty touch to the nose (which may give some a clue as to its origin) which balances beautifully with the intense influence of the old Sherry cask. Fragrant and soft with poached pear, roasted malt and a hint of coffee bean and crème brûlée. The palate is sweet, intense and softly fruited, with florals, butterscotch and plenty of peaty smokinesslike Balvenie meets Islay. It’s got some powereven at 46% it’s happy with a touch of water—yet remains stunningly balanced. Finishes with notes of wild honey and, again, that delicious twang of iodine. La Bota de Magic.


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