Little Reddie Is Sex Colbinabbin Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso 2020


'2020 is such a lovely red wine vintage - beautiful, powerful wine with light palate weights. So nice.

I love the evolution of the aromas within each whiff. The initial smell is nettle over fleshy fruit - somewhere between a ripe black fig and an almost ready blackberry, then comes the baked pastry smell and then an oiled timber warmth - cherry and walnut wood. It's a really lovely glass of wine to smell by the fire.

The palate is quite layered too. Abundant blackberry, cinnamon, red bell pepper spice. Tannins are tight, standing up straight and punctuated by focusing green flavours. The shape unfolds marvellously slowly - it’s a salty wine and that salivating feeling leaves late and long. There’s a little secondary frame to the wine - not necessarily oaky, but it's an artefact. It’s very grown up, a touch old school.'

- Little Reddie 

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