Craft Works Distillery 'Black Soul Beast' Single Malt Whisky (170ml)

Small batch & small bottles (170ml). Wonderfully naturally dark in colour and coming in at 61% alc, you can understand how it got its name - Black Soul Beast. 
'The second single cask independent bottling (IB) release from Craft Works Distillery, Blak Soul Beast, is as the name suggests, a full-on affair (literally and figuratively!).
Spirit sourced from a Sydney distillery has been filled into an American oak vintage port barrel from what we can only assume was Hades, going on the colour and flavour the wood has imparted (Hades being a small but 'fiendishly' good winery from Mudgee in this instance, Pieter van Gent Winery).  Aged in the oftentimes brutal (hellish even, in summer) climate of NSW west of the Great Dividing Range, the spirit and the wood have had plenty to say to each other.
Nose: It's hard to not get drawn in by the colour...I'll try to keep clear
Slightly overdone butterscotch, fresh rosemary, fruity red wine (Cabernet), candied orange peel. German blackberry spice cake. Sour red raspberry.
Palate: Muscat grapes, aniseed, Noble rot, white pepper, rye grass, tart red raspberries.
Mid length, dry finish, leaving a nice dark, mulled wine spice tang and Allen's milk bottle sweetness/creaminess.'
- The Whisky List 

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