Craft Works Distillery I AM...Australian Craft Whisky Single Malt


'Wood type - French Oak.
Cask details - 2 x 50 ltr ex Barossa Shiraz recoopered Super casks (Oloroso seasoning)
Char level - Heavy char.
1 x 225 ltr (part only) ex Mudgee Cabernet Sauvignon / Vintage Port cask refill ex PvG.
Char level - No char, wet filled.
Bottling strength - 62.7% cask strength release.
Release No - 1

Tasting notes

Nose - Rich aromatic sweet.
Taste - Layered complex nutty, sweet juicy, dark chocolate and cocoa notes.
Finish - Very long and rich mouth feel.
Style - End of night finishing whisky, take your time to allow the single malt whisky to develop in the glass and enjoy its complex flavour journey.


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