Denton 'Orange' Chardonnay 2017

'Sourced from the bottom section of the North Eastern slope of the Denton View Hill Vineyard.

100% fermented as whole bunches to dryness, 14 days on skins. Matured in old French oak with wild yeast ferment and wild malo-lactic fermentation (100%). Left on full lees and without topping for 2 years the barrel developed a flor on the surface of the wine. No sulfur was used through maturation and the flor character appeared stable and thick. Bottled without fining or filtration June 2020. The granitic soils of the vineyard show strongly here, and the high acid and tannin of DENTON Chardonnay is what allows this wine to work so well fermented on skins and matured under flor. The extra time fermenting and macerating on skins has shifted the typical lemon citrus of the vineyard towards burnt blood orange and roasted almond.'

- Denton Wines 

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