DO.T.E.'Don't Pet Nat Me' 2019


Harvested on September 11th, spontaneously fermented in steel, 7 days of skin contact, aged 5 months also in steel, then blended with Pignoletto must (from Modena hills) frozen during harvest and bottled the day after without clarification and filtration. Re-fermented in bottle and kept in the cellar for 4 months. Not disgorged.

Wild cider vibes, but actually a bubbly pet nat with light tannins and a ton of acidity to elevate this fresh and crazy wine. There is a smell of goats cheese from the farm and an element of that character is found on the palate. If you want to explore something quite unusual, then bring this bottle to the table. The people will for sure have something to say about this wine! 

When you open this bottle it is very active and spiky on the tongue (the label fits well to the juice), but after 10 minutes it relaxes itself. 


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