Domaine Belluard Vin de Savoie Blanc 100% Pur Jus 2019


'This is another excellent cuvée for Dominique Belluard. In the past he has had a number of releases of Pur Jus made from the local Gringet grape variety, however once, in 2018, he departed from this tradition and used the local Altesse grape variety instead. This year he is back to Gringet!

The vineyard from which the Gringet was manually harvested lies at 420 metres above sea level on steep slopes that we find hard to walk up. The slope faces south so is good for ripening and the soil is covered in small limestone pebbles ( petits cailloux) with a limestone sub-structure.

Even though Dominique is macerating some of his white wines now, this one was direct pressed after hand harvesting. the juice was transferred to an egg-shaped 600 litre concrete vessel and the natural fermentation took 4 months to complete.

This is a delightfully floral, beautifully coloured, light wine that can be drunk as an aperitif. It also pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods.

Finally, as an added bonus and as always with the Pur Jus cuvée, no sulphites have been added to this wine.'

- Living Wines

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