Domaine Belluard Vin de Savoie Blanc Gringet Les Alpes 2019

'This beautiful white wine is made from 100% Gringet, a traditional, indigenous grape of the Savoie region.

Although this grape is sometimes said to be a variant of Savagnin that thrives in the nearby Jura, it has been clearly demonstrated through DNA analysis that there is no relationship between the grapes.

Gringet is commonly used to make sparkling wines in this area but Dominique Belluard also crafts fine, elegant white wines such as this from this grape that thrive in the calcareous glacial moraines that line his valley. Grapes from two parcels are used for this wine. The first parcel close to Dominique’s house has a base of marl and the other is rich in limestone.

The grapes are directly pressed and the juice is fermented with only indigenous yeast in several concrete eggs where it stays for about 6 months. The contents of all the eggs are then blended in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling. A small amount of sulphites are added at this stage.

The alcohol level is 12.5%.

Here is what Christophe Guitard, founder of, has to say about the sensation of tasting a Savoie wine like Domaine Belluard’s Les Alpes.'

- Living Wines

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