Domaine Bornard Ploussard Point Barre Les Gaudrettes 2018

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'If you are smitten by big, robust, Barossa shiraz wines then please don’t buy this one.

The Point Barre is made from the Poulsard (aka Ploussard) grape and is a light, delicate almost translucent red wine that gives off aromas of red currants, citrus and saddle leather with a touch of cinnamon. It is not high in alcohol (at a pleasant 12%) and it does not have aggressive tannins.

There is instead a purity and silkiness to this wine that makes it quite ethereal. It matches with just about any food you care to think of.

The name, by the way, literally translates as “full stop”. So there is Ploussard, full stop, nothing else! This includes no added sulphites.

We have received three different versions of Point Barre in the most recent shipment. We have received a few Magnums of 2016 which was released under the Arbois Pupillin appellation. We also received some bottles of the 2016 Point Barre which had the additional name of Plou-Plou and was released as a Vin de France and hence could not display the name of the grape variety (Ploussard).

We also received some bottles of the 2018 which was a surprise because it displays the name of the vineyard (Les Gaudrettes) on the label. Normally all the Ploussard from this vineyard is used to produce the amazing pet nat called Tant Mieux, but the harvest was so good that there was enough grapes to make some Point Barre as well. Tony also used the grape name on this occasion!'

- Living Wines

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