Domaine Bornard Triffaut Le Ginglet 2018 Magnum

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 'This is the first time (2018) that Le Ginglet has been produced without the Arbois Pupillin appellation displayed on the label. However Tony chose not to submit Le Ginglet to the appellation authorities in 2018 and there may be more that he might not submit as well.

The reason us that he wants the wines to reflect the terroir without having to manipulate them into wines that might be more suitable for the conservative members of the authority.

There are other wines, however, that he wouldn’t even think of taking out of the appellation process such as their delicious Vin Jaune, because then he couldn’t put those words on the label nor sell it in the Vin Jaune shaped bottles and that would be very confusing.

Anyway, we are delighted with the result of the Ginglet in 2018. It is a light, bright and eminently drinkable wine that we absolutely love.' 

- Living Wines

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