Domaine Dandelion Corail 2019


Pre-release for March delivery

'Falling into the middle of the venn diagram, somewhere between a light red and a rosé (depending on your inclination) this is a one-off cuvée that blends white grape Aligoté with red Pinot and Gamay, inspired by the challanges of the perilous 2019 frost.

Morgane & Christian are a couple working just over 2 hectares of vines around the Beaune to produce a mere 5000 bottles a year of pure, bright and singular Burgundy. Christian is Australian and met Morgane, a native Burgundian, whilst manning his espresso cart at a market in Beaune. They work their vineyards according biodynamic principles and we think it's fair to say that they could be the only growers in our shop who spray their vines with raw milk rather than chemical herbicides or pesticides. The resulting wine is delicate, nuanced and a real find considering how difficult it can be for small scale vignerons to exist in this part of France with the price of land being so high. Needless to say we have just a handful of bottles.'

- Distributor 

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