Domaine de l’Escarpolette la petite pépée 2017


This is a wine to screw with your head type of wine or if you want to bring it along to a blind tasting to stump friends, this is the wine. Made by Ivo Ferreira in the  Languedoc, Its made from 100% Grenache (Red grapes) but made with only the juice so the wine is a white wine. Beautiful tasting wine and truly something unique and different.  

'The La Petite Pépée is an interesting wine due to the winemaking technique used. The grape used is Grenache Noir, a red grape, but the wine is a white wine!

This technique relies on the fact that red grapes almost always have white juice except for a few cases called teinturier grapes where the flesh and the juice is red (Gamay de Bouze is an example). The colour of most red grapes is entirely in the skins. Therefore if you crush non-teinturier red grapes carefully and immediately remove the skins from the juice it will be clear.

And this is what Ivo has done. He took a selection of red Grenache grapes and crushed them to produce a style of wine known in France as un blanc de noir.'

- Living Wines

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