Domaine de la Loue Pet’Nat’ Rosé 2018

'Unlike the La Bulle Bleue sparkling described above, this one is a Pet Nat that has undergone only one fermentation.

The Pinot Noir grapes where picked in the commune of Molamboz which is about 14 kilometres north-west of Arbois where the vines benefit from limestone clays. The vines are approximately 36 years old and face south-east.

The grapes were picked in August 2018 and directly pressed then transferred to tanks for the fermentation to begin. When the fermentation had caused the sugar levels to decrease to a safe level (usually around 20 grams of residual), the fermenting juice was bottled.

The bottles were left to finish fermenting over winter and were then disgorged by hand in late January and early February. The bottles were then rested in the winery for 12 months to stabilise.

The result is a pale pink, very low alcohol (9%) sparkling wine that is a perfect drink for an aperitif or for a late night palate cleanser!'

- Living Wines

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