Domaine Derain Gevrey-Chambertin En Vosne 2018

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'Gevrey-Chambertin is well known for the intense, structured red wines produced around this village which lies on the Cote d’Or just south of the city of Dijon.

The vines in this En Vosne vineyard are nearly 90 years old! Therefore there is structure and depth of flavour coming from them.

This is a superb wine of considerable complexity and great elegance.  At a number of recent tastings this has been a stand-out wine that has charmed all who have tried it. It is a beautiful Burgundy at a very reasonable price for a Gevrey Chambertin.

Note that there are only small quantities of this vintage available due to the poor growing season. The price also reflects the dramatically plunging Australian dollar.'

- Living Wines

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