Domaine Jean Ginglinger Pinot Noir 2017

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'Jean Ginglinger is based in the central Alsace village of Pfaffenheim which lies 12 kilometres south of Colmar where he cares for 6.5 hectares of prime sites including two Grand Cru vineyards (Steinert and Zinnkoepfle). The family are not recent arrivals having been involved in viticulture here since 1610!

Pinot Noir 2017 is 100% Pinot Noir, a melange from all Jean's vineyards because the size of the harvest in 2017 was relatively small. This is a beautiful, elegant Pinot Noir that is well worth trying. If you haven't tried a Pinot Noir from the Alsace region then you should do yourself a favour because they are often very good and quite often exemplary.'

- Living Wines 

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