Domaine Jean Marie Berrux Le Petit Tetu 2019


The farming is Biodynamic, and completely hands-on. The tiny size of the farm means Jean-Marie can do absolutely everything himself, when the time is right (obviously with a bit of help during harvest, but that only lasts 2 or 3 days). The neighbouring vineyards are all biodynamic and/or organic, which is obviously a major bonus.

Once the grapes have been carefully hand harvested, they are whole bunch pressed and sent for a long slow fermentation in barriques and foudres, generally 2-5 year old oak. The wines stay there, un-racked and undisturbed for about a year. Prior to the next harvest, the barrels are assembled and the wine rests in tank for a further few months prior to bottling.

Nothing added, nothing taken away. No SO2 at any stage. Beautiful, natural, Burgundy.

The wine can be characterised by a few traits, which we find year after year, even though there are very obvious vintage variations too. There is always a rich, powerful nose of stone fruit pulp and a soft almost tropical nectar thing. The grapes are ripe, but not over the top. There is also always a hint of musk, and a lemongrass note. And the palate is always spritely, sharp, sometimes laser-like. In cooler years, it can be bracing in youth, but softens and calms as it ages (YES, you really can age some sulphur free wines, I confirm).

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