Domaine Jousset Exilé Rosé Pet Nat 2020


Pet Nat - The Jousset way

Then, there is the next true love of Lise & Bertrand… The Pet Nat ! These two beautiful souls have made Natural Sparkling Wines their absolute love and specialty. And we are so thankful ! To my mind, they are unequalled in the entire world in creating delicious yet serious Pet Nat. Their Pet Nats are not an afterthought or something to do with odd ends or underripe grapes. Vineyards are selected pre harvest to be dedicated to making full, rich, ultra premium sparkling wine. 

The real secret to their success in making exhilarating natural sparkling wine is, in truth, not a secret but just the fortunes of climate and cellar. When the Joussets pick their grapes, it is often late September and the mornings are cold. By the time their slow natural fermentations begin to make any serious inroads into the grape sugars, it is December or January. It is now really cold, all day ! A perfect opportunity to bottle unfinished wine, naturally cold settled, calm, precise, complex, and let it become fine sparkling wine in the bottle. They disgorge their sparkling wines in order to favour precision and preserve the wines’ vinous qualities.

Their Pet Nats are thus pure expressions of a single vineyard, nothing added, nothing taken away, with no SO2, pure and precise, chalky and mineral.

The Outsiders - Exilé

Exilé is the Jousset’s answer to a real climate problem. If you’ve followed the vineyard news over the past decade, you would know that different parts of the north of France have suffered tragic crippling spring frost more than every second vintage. Montlouis-sur-Loire is the Gold Prize Winner on this less than honorable leaderboard. I have had many low moments speaking with Lise & Bertrand in April, as they begin to digest the reality that their year’s work ahead will be for little to no fruit.

Friends to the rescue ! Lise & Bertrand never dropped their shovels (almost, but never entirely). With the help of like minded organic/biodynamic growers in France, near and far, they developed a micro-negotiant arm as a complement to their vineyards, especially for the frosty years - Exilé was born. Here, the Jousset team do all the same work, from late season decisions, to harvesting and wine making. They are always super excited to do this work, as it provides the community connection sometimes lacking in a lonely Montlouis vineyard, but also the challenge to find grapes that will deliver the Jousset style, but from sometimes less familiar grape varieties or climates.

Our favourite glass of fresh, ripe, wild strawberries, with a seriously chalky dry long finish. The Reverse Mullet… party at the front, then serious at the back !

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