Domaine Mosse Vin de France Bisou 2022 Magnum (1.5L)


'It is light, has an interesting complexity from the mix of grapes used and is quite Moreish.

Due to the climate change-induced bad weather experience in this area of the Loire Valley in 2022 and the resultant effect on the quantity of grapes able to be picked from their own vineyards, the grapes were bought from friends who tend their vines organically and consist of Grolleau Noir, Grolleau Gris, Côt, Cabernet Franc and Chenin Blanc.

The grapes were mainly grown in clay and pebbles over schist on vines that are approximately thirty years old..

The grapes were separately given a short maceration of between 4 to 10 days before being fermented and matured separately in barrels for approximately 8 months. The juice was combined one and a half months prior to being bottled. It has retained the freshness and drinkability of the previous vintage from 2021.

This is a delicious wine with a very appealing 12% alcohol!

- Living Wines 

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